CHRIS MENCHACA, Marine Commercial Manager

Chris Menchaca joined TorcSill as a Design Engineer during TorcSill’s acquisition of AnchorPipe International in 2016. He served on TorcSill’s Engineering Team until his promotion to Marine Commercial Manager in 2022.

Chris is responsible for the continued growth and success of TorcSill’s Marine and ARQA Seawall Business sectors. He oversees and supports all Marine projects by providing high-level professional support to ARQA/TorcSill commercial and operational teams.  

Prior to TorcSill, he was a Project Engineer for AnchorPipe and oversaw the design of helical piles/anchors for many projects occurring offshore and in other challenging marine environments. His tenure at AnchorPipe allowed him to develop the experience and resources necessary to expand TorcSill’s helical pile offerings and implement them for various pipeline and marine applications both in the US and internationally.

His experience as a part of TorcSill’s Engineering Team provided him a thorough technical understanding of helical pile and anchor design and modeling. This knowledge of foundation design coupled with his marine experience led to Chris becoming the Lead Engineer for Marine projects in 2020 where he gained a quick understanding of seawall and tieback design as well.

Chris holds a degree from Purdue University in Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering, and is an active member of the Deep Foundations Institute and Florida Energy Pipeline Association.

ROY GILDHARRY, Marine Operations Manager

Roy Gildharry joined TorcSill as a part of their acquisition of AnchorPipe International in 2016.

With more than 20 years of helical pile/anchor installation experience, Roy oversees and supports the operations for all of TorcSill’s Marine and ARQA Seawall projects.

He has a stellar project execution resume including overseeing more than one billion dollars in pipeline asset construction during his career. His experience with helical piles in new construction, maintenance, and seawall work spans four continents and more than 15 bodies of water. His ability to provide practical and creative solutions to complex in-field problems makes him an indispensable pillar of TorcSill’s Operational Team.