Company Background

ARQA, now in partnership with TorcSill®, was founded in early in 2002 by James Timmerman. After receiving costly and time consuming estimates from local engineers and marine contractors, Timmerman began gathering information for his own seawall repair. He did not like the idea of having his yard torn up, or his dock torn down and rebuilt after the seawall was repaired, with all aspects of the process being both costly and invasive. Timmerman started ARQA in 2002 and the company has since been acquired by their new partner, TorcSill, expanding service areas and capabilities. 

TorcSill, an engineering, construction, manufacturing and construction contractor, provides helical pile foundation solutions for custom support and ground anchoring systems. Their helical pile foundations are effective in the most challenging environments. 

TorcSill serves a variety of industries including: energy, power, industrial and marine. They have over 40 years in the marine space. Global onshore and offshore projects include: river crossings, riparian washouts, and pipeline buoyancy control.

TorcSill has unparalleled expertise in helical pile foundation and anchoring solutions while embodying safety, quality and prompt execution. The team delivers on time and within budget, every time.

Our Mission

The mission of the Company is to revolutionize the seawall maintenance and repair industry. The Company will revolutionize the seawall maintenance and repair industry in a number of ways:

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laguna vista seawall repair